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Distribution Contract Demo

Distribute funds to all the authorized minters in a Mintbase store.
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Enter the contract with the list of minters to pay.
Enter an amount to divide equally between the minters.

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Why a Distribution Contract?

Mintbase stores often evolve to become their own little ecosystem,
a group of people brought together around a project, a cause or an idea,
and this is reflected on chain as the list of authorized minters.

One way to reward and support all the minters at once is to distribute an amount of money equally between them, and this is what our contract does.

Tips &

What can you use it for? Tip at once all the current minters in a store! Distribute funds received by an artist cooperative. Share revenues coming from sources other than NFT splits!


A group of authorized minters can be continuosly updated. This allows for flexibility, unlike NFT splits which remain always the same for the life of the token.

open source coop protocol

Coming soon.