Every sale is split between
the artist & the coop DAO

What is the best balance for revenue splits between individual & group?

Each coop instance can choose the numbers that make sense for their use case.

Artists get revenue
regardless of sales

Some of the coop revenue gets distributed to every artist equally.

Artists support each other, creating a space for more collaboration and less competition inside a group.

Revenue split
is automated

A custom contract does the distribution magic.

The DAO approves a payout to the distribution contract, which queries the list of registered minters, then splits the payout in equal amounts.

DAO = flexibility

In addition to the revenue distribution, the coop can choose where to invest extra funds.
Invest in artists
Aquire new members

Invest in artists

Invest in the ecosystem
Support aligned projects

Invest in the ecosystem

Keep the coop running
Hire help needed

Keep the coop running

Be future proof
Discover new uses

Be future proof

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open source coop protocol

Coming soon.

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